Yoga & Social Justice Workshops

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Yoga & Social Justice Workshops

Yoga in Action

Yoga is inherently Social Justice. It is a roadmap to liberation. 

The first limb of the 8-Limbed Path is Yama. These are 5 ethical and moral guidelines to show up in the world as our highest Self. These are deeply connected to living a life that is committed to social justice in our communities. We begin the transformaion from within ourselves. Upacking our conditioning, our biases, and the ways we have caused harm to ourselve and others. 

Ahimsa = non-harming, non-violence

This is not passive. It is an invitation to be anti-violent. To actively resist violence. 

Satya = truthfulness, honesty

Tell the truth. We must be profoundly honest with ourselves about who we are and how we impact the world around us. 

Join the conversation. 

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Yoga & Social Justice Workshops

Yoga in Action

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Skill in Action®
Skill in Action®
Join Skill in Action Facilitators, Mika Dot Lee and Tyler Houghton as they host this virtual 3-hr workshop designed to deepen your awareness of the various identities you embody, cultural conditioning and its impact on you and others and how systems of power affect our well-being.

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    Starts on Saturday, April 10, 2021

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