Jamie’s teacher training is a gift. Similar to yoga, physically, spiritually, and emotionally you come out different than you did when you went in. I signed up wanting to learn to teach yoga, but I left with a deeper understanding of who I am as a woman and with a renewed empathy for humanity. Jamie has successfully built a program that does exactly what it says it will do – Empower. EYTT’s curriculum is systematic; she’s an educator, not a trainer. The exercises, readings, and speakers challenged me to find my authentic voice. Her program is realistic and humbling. Her objective is to have both teachers and students remain curious about our intentions and to notice how our external environment impacts our internal state. Jamie taught me that in order to teach others effectively, I must first do the work myself. I looked forward to every class. Jamie’s training gave me the tools to be a more present mother, wife, friend, daughter, and instructor. Once we sort through our own history, whatever that may be, we make space to go out into the world and help others. I came to yoga looking for a workout and I left with a new way of life. Jamie helped me remember to embrace simplicity but also to remember that life is quite complex. We learn to accept the grey,respond rather than react, as Jamie would put it, "yes it’s, both…and” Jamie Hanson is the real deal; I would highly recommend her training. My only warning is that once you jump in, you will never be the same.

Kendall Chambers -  2018 EYTT Graduate

Jamie’s Empowered Yoga Teacher Training did jus that—it empowered us to look deep inside ourselves so that we could learn the tools necessary to share the gift of yoga with the world. The classes were beautifully designed to give us exactly what we were seeking—a closer connection to ourselves and with this divine practice that we call yoga. The lessons around anatomy, Ayurveda, the EYTT class of 2017! I truly feel empowered to share this practice and to get out there and teach.

2017 EYTT Graduate - Empowered Yoga Teacher Training™

EYTT is a truly life-changing experience that impacted me on so many levels. Whether one is looking to deepen one’s own yoga practice, teach yoga, or discover a new way to experience and approach one’s life path, EYTT delves into the true meaning of yoga. Moving beyond the physical asana, one discovers the awesome and beautiful history, philosophy, and tradition of yoga, while learning how to practice mindfulness in all aspects of life. While this course will certainly prepare anyone to be able to teach yoga, this course also simply serves to teach us how to be kind, loving and compassionate. We learn yoga can heal our minds and bodies, we learn that one does not have to be in a pose to ‘practice yoga’. Finally, we learn that yoga helps move us on the path to whom we are truly meant to be.

Stephanie Mulhern -  2017 EYTT Graduate

Completing the Empowered Yoga Teacher Training was one of the best decisions I have made! Jamie collaborated with her network experts from all over Southern California to bring us a broad scope of information on important topics. As someone who has been a yoga practitioner for 5 years and has attended numerous workshops, I found this training to be informative and effective in deepening my practice and preparing me to go out into the world and share my practice. I was searching for the perfect 200-hour certification in Orange County and am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this life-changing journey!

Ashly Fox - 2015 EYTT Graduate

I had researched Jamie Hanson online, and all of the amazing people she was choosing to bring into her empowered teacher training and I was really impressed! After taking one class with Jamie, I knew I was in the right hands. I really wanted to learn more, and her program fit my craving for knowledge. I came to the training program not having any expectations at all, except to grow. What happened during our 3 months together I would never have imagined. Jamie Hanson facilitated such a safe space for growth, passion, and compassion for all of us. I am so grateful and inspired by my Teacher Jamie. My hope and belief is, that teacher training programs like Jamie's are going to be the new basis of curriculum for yoga teachers soon. Some of the key elements she included(my favorites) Trauma sensitive yoga, Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and Ayurveda, which all promote whole-body wellness!!! I am so beyond grateful for my Teachers, and my group of trainees, they were my teachers too.

Destiny Norman -  2015 EYTT Graduate

This training has changed my perspective on the practice of yoga, life, relationships and myself in all the best ways. I was told beforehand that this would be a very transformative journey. And it's true!... I've never felt so physically and mentally healthy. Whether you plan on teaching or just diving deeper beyond asana (the physical practice of yoga), Jamie's Empowered Teacher Training provides either opportunity in such a comfortable and, as the name says it, empowering environment. I'm so grateful for the confidence I gained in my practice and in myself through Jamie's teachings and the support of my fellow yogi trainees whom I'll forever hold close to me. Such an overwhelmingly beautiful and insightful experience. I'm ready to teach!

Sheila San Juan -  2015 EYTT Graduate

I've been practicing yoga on and off for about five years now. Only a few months into it I knew I wanted to share this practice and teach. So over the past five years, I have come across and researched MANY teacher training programs. None have been as dynamic and complete as this one. Not only is Jamie R. Hanson an amazing teacher herself, she has gathered together an incredible group of teachers and instructors to cover all sorts of topics. She provides a safe and comfortable environment to learn in, with an ease that really makes you eager to learn. She also covers things that most trainings don't seem to touch upon or just briefly go over. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to teach or even just desires to approach their own practice with a more thorough understanding.

Stephanie Howell -  2015 EYTT Graduate

Jamie Hanson’s Empowered Yoga Teacher Training was phenomenal and gave me so much more than I had ever anticipated! I had decided to take a Yoga Teacher Training course to broaden my own practice and gain a better understanding of the anatomy of the poses. Jamie took me and the eleven other students on such an amazing journey into the depth and beauty of Yoga, and how it interweaves throughout the different paths of our day to day lives. She not only taught the knowledge of anatomy, alignment of the poses and how to develop sequences and teach Yoga, she additionally collaborated with eight other Yoga teachers and brought them into our classroom who gave us their own styles, philosophies and expertises. Jamie’s training highly broadened my practice and my own view and philosophy of Yoga. It was money and time well spent and I could not be more pleased! Whether you want to teach or just deepen your own Yoga practice, I sincerely recommend Jamie Hanson’s 200 hour Empowered Yoga Teacher Training."

2015 EYTT Graduate - Empowered Yoga Teacher Training™

I had been wanting to take a teacher training for some time, and as a new practitioner at Pure.Yoga.Love, I saw Jamie Hanson's Empowered Yoga Teacher Training poster. I read through it and was impressed with all of the wonderful guest speakers that she brought into her training and their wealth of knowledge. I had never met or taken one of Jamie's class, but was so drawn to her unique training. I signed up the day I saw the poster because I knew that this was where I was supposed to be to be challenged and get the best and multifaceted program and also bringing the social justice aspect in. I met Jamie and took her class and knew I was in the right hands!! Plus, this took me out of my "comfort zone" since I had not been practicing very long at Pure.Yoga.Love and did not know anybody I would be taking the training with, but I have made lifelong friends with my so very talented fellow trainees. My fellow trainees and Jamie held a safe space for me to grow, to challenge myself, to let go of perfection, to cry, to laugh, to fly, to forgive, to learn, to question, to teach and for this, I will be forever grateful!! I would encourage anyone looking for a 200-hour teacher training to sign up for Jamie Hanson's Empowered Yoga Teacher Training. You will be forever changed…

Amity Howey -  2015 EYTT Graduate

There are no words… Truly life-changing in so many ways. The most meaningful and magical experience.

Julie Anding -  2016 EYTT Graduate

Jamie is an extraordinary teacher: maintaining a consistent teaching platform with valuable information while keeping the interest of her students. Her passion and commitment to teaching made the 10 weeks enjoyable and fun. She is well informed and a pleasure to study with.

Jeana Kobielsky -  2016 EYTT Graduate

Jamie has an uncanny ability to provide honest, effective feedback to trainees in a compassionate and uplifting way. She makes you feel ‘seen’ for your strengths, vulnerabilities, and the reality that you are probably your own harshest critic. She reminds you of the strength and unique beauty within you in the moments you need, and will need, it most. This was a fabulous personal as well as professional investment in myself.

Niki Beach -  2016 EYTT Graduate

This training was so much more than how to teach a yoga class. A perfect training and experience for those in the human services field. I feel like those who have taken other trainings have missed out on something special. The uniqueness of this training has provided me the safety and confidence to transform the lives of others.

Kristen Murphy -  2016 EYTT Graduate

At the beginning of the teacher training I had no idea what was about to happen. As our time together began to fly by, I started to experience myself on a different level. I was allowed to let go of old, limiting beliefs about myself and my yoga practice. The EYTT provided me with the encouragement and community necessary to look at the world differently. I now feel ready to share everything I learned with the world as well as prepared to learn more about subjects that interest me.

Sean Cassidy -  2016 EYTT Graduate

This journey through the Empowered Yoga Teacher Training has been life-changing. I didn’t realize just how much I would be learning about myself, as well as the yogic path. Jamie creates such a safe and comforting environment to learn and grow in, and also brings in such amazing teachers. I will never forget this experience.

2016 EYTT Graduate - Empowered Yoga Teacher Training™

Jamie Hanson's teacher training was one of the most positive and life-changing actions I have taken in my life. I have come out of this training not only knowing how to lead a yoga class, but spiritually and mentally awakened with confidence. I absolutely recommend this training to future instructors because you become a part of a beautiful loving community.

Michelle Pons -  2015 EYTT Graduate

The Empowered Yoga Teacher Training was a program of a lifetime. It was designed so perfectly, with amazing guest speakers, a lot of review of anatomy, consciousness of self and feeling confident and whole as an instructor, and reviewed many aspects of how yoga related to social justice. Although this training is only 200 hours, it opened my mind and heart and gave me the boost I needed to begin my teaching career. I have no words to describe how amazing of a teacher and leader, Jamie Hanson is.

Carly Matlock -  2016 EYTT Graduate

Jamie conducted a well thought out curriculum rich and diverse in content. I learned the many aspects of poses including how to get in and out of them as well as modifications, contraindications, variations and pose benefits. In addition to the posture study and practice teaching, we delved deep into yogic philosophy and the 8 limbs, chakras, the mythology behind the asana poses. We learned about human anatomy and proper pose alignment. I learned an incredible amount about yoga and about teaching vinyasa. Not only that, but I learned about myself as well and being present. Highly recommend it!

Julie Omens -  2016 EYTT Graduate

My experience with Jamie Hanson and the Empowered Yoga Teacher Training program cultivated a deeper understanding of the asanas while emphasizing the importance of safety and compassion with the body and soul. The incredible journey within changed my life and awakened a desire to spread yoga to others.

Jasmine Castro -  2015 EYTT Graduate

Empowered Yoga Teacher Training was quite simply empowering! The training taught me the principles and techniques needed to start my career as a competent yoga teacher. It also challenged, stretched, and enriched me personally, which allowed me to grow and see the possibilities of how my teaching can serve and affect others.

Melanie Menezes -  2015 EYTT Graduate

I had practiced yoga for almost a year before signing up for Jamie Hanson’s Empowered Yoga Teacher Training, not knowing what to expect or what I would get out of it. I knew I wanted to deepen my asana practice, but not sure if I wanted to teach. Jamie’s curriculum is incredibly well-balanced and includes almost every single aspect there is to teach yoga, and to be a yoga student. Her approach is genuine and honest, yet compassionate, and of course empowering. This training has not only been life-changing and humbling, but has given me confidence not only on the mat, but off the mat, in my own personal life, changing my perspective on life.

Diana Uhler -  2016 EYTT Graduate

Jamie’s program was so all-encompassing and well thought out that I feel like upon graduating I am empowered to go out and teach. Her dedication and preparation was something to marvel at. I really enjoyed class and feel blessed to have taken it.

Ryan McNaughton -  2016 EYTT Graduate

These past 10 weeks with Jamie and my cohorts have been life-changing. I feel I have reconnected with my spirit and finally let go of about 95% of the baggage I have been carrying around my whole life. I feel that in completing this training, I have found my voice and will be able to share the healing I’ve experienced through yoga with my loved ones and others. I look forward to employing the skills I have learned to teach yoga.

2016 EYTT Graduate - Empowered Yoga Teacher Training™

Having only superficial understanding of yoga as a mode of fitness, I blindly embarked on this adventure with only my love for Jamie and a desire to deepen my spiritual connection to my body. Little did I know that by peeling away layers of mindtraps and discovering compassion for myself I was able to find truth. Inspired by the connection I made with knowledge of yoga and self, I was transformed. My personal relationships have shifted for the positive and I feel softness and gentleness toward myself and others that I never have before. Thank you for helping me find my true north and show up in the world with serenity.

2017 EYTT Graduate - Empowered Yoga Teacher Training™

I have been practicing yoga for 9 years and have always wanted to ‘dive deeper’ into my own personal knowledge of the philosophies behind yoga and the meditation practices. The 200 hour EYTT provided all of this introductory information and gave me a starting point to grow from in my future studies. I learned so much and am so grateful for such a beautiful introduction into a life-long study. Thank you so much Jamie Hanson! Knowledge I will carry with me now and always.

Shea Swain -  2017 EYTT Graduate

Amazing person and amazing soul. Truly life-changing experience!

Asia Jankowska -  2017 EYTT Graduate

I came to find my self-confidence. I am leaving feeling empowered!

2017 EYTT Graduate - Empowered Yoga Teacher Training™

Empowered Yoga Teacher Training with Jamie Hanson and all of the other influential teachers was such a RICH, nurturing, beyond insightful experience. The program creates such a loving, compassionate space that takes you on a journey of wonderment and enlightenment. It has forever changed my life. I’m so grateful!

Nicole Bray -  2017 EYTT Graduate

The EYTT program that Jamie Hanson offers is a complete and thorough look into the history and life-long practices of vinyasa yoga. She gives everyone the opportunity to learn respectfully at their own pace, buy energizes us and challenges us to always do our best! Her guest speakers are very knowledgeable and willing to share the wealth of information they each hold from their perspectives to enrich the learning and true experience of the Empowered Yoga Teacher Training. My eternal gratitude for the time spent and the passion Jamie has shared with us over these few months.

Kat Wilson -  2017 EYTT Graduate

What a phenomenal 200 hour teacher training! It was very well planned, well rounded and transformational. Not only does Jamie offer amazing insight and excellent training in how to teach, but she also provides a myriad of workshops and lectures from very talented and experienced guest teachers. It’s hard for me to imagine a more well rounded and thought out teacher training. I highly recommend anyone who wants to become a yoga instructor or if you want to deepen your own personal practice. Loved it!

2017 EYTT Graduate - Empowered Yoga Teacher Training™

Completing the Empowered Yoga Teacher Training was the best thing I could have done for myself both physically and emotionally. As someone with a consistent yoga practice of 4 years, I found myself wanting to enroll in a program that would deepen my knowledge, help me grow in my own physical practice and give me the tools to feel comfortable sharing my love of yoga through teaching others. After taking countless yoga classes with Jamie and feeling inspired by her teaching to take that next step, I signed up for her training six months in advance. With her guidance and mentorship combined with all the seminars and workshops led by guest teachers and yoga experts, the program provided a great wealth of information and a comprehensive foundation for beginning my teaching career. I showed up with an open mind, ready to grow and learn and left feeling ready to step into my new role as a teacher. Coming to yoga with prior injuries and challenges, the most impactful part of the training for me was learning the alignment of yoga poses through the in-depth anatomy segments (a subject I just love), not only for the safety of my own yoga practice but to feel comfortable teaching proper alignment to the students in my classes as well. As a result, I gained more confidence in my practice and also in myself. I began teaching 2 weeks after I graduated, feeling prepared to lead students safely regardless of age, injuries or conditions. I continue to teach on a regular basis. I would recommend this training to anyone to wants to deepen their knowledge of yoga, grow in their own personal practice, and develop valuable skills applicable to life and teaching, whether or not one (currently) wants to teach yoga after graduation.

Tracy Perry -  2016 EYTT Graduate

This teacher training opened my mind and eyes in many different ways. I feel well educated and thirsting for more. Jamie is helping to change yoga in all the best ways. Every student that goes through the training will take what they have learned and put their own special experience out there to share. Jamie is truly helping to make the world a better place by being her true self and teaching others to do the same, by sharing her knowledge and example of how to live your yoga.

Karen Valley -  2018 EYTT Graduate

Jamie Hanson is one of the most attuned yoga teachers I have practiced with. She creates a safe space for all bodies and all abilities to find their breath and connect with their bodies. I personally love the intentional way she designs her classes for a deeper connection to all of the layers of the body. Her classes have taken me on a journey toward wholeness that I have not experienced with any other instructor. Her Slow Flow Vinyasa classes are my personal favorite and I always leave my mat stronger and more at ease than when I started. I highly recommend any class offering with Jamie.

Melissa,  -  Yoga Student

As I've been reflecting on that day, I can't help but think that if it wasn't for Prenatal Yoga, I don't think I would have been able to stay so calm and centered during my contractions. Although they were quite intense (as you know), I was able to focus in on my breathing and remain in touch with my body and the baby as he made his way down the birth canal. I thank you so much for your classes and for the support and advice you provided in those weeks leading up to my delivery. You are an incredible instructor and I thank you and your team for MaYoga.

Summer Goebel, -  Prenatal Student

I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and Jamie is hands-down my favorite instructor.  Her classes are physically challenging, but more importantly Jamie facilitates genuine connection with your own heart and soul and with the community at large.  Jamie doesn't just teach physical movement she inspires change in your daily life off the mat. Her classes integrate yogic philosophy with movement to allow union of the mind, body and soul. Jamie is warm and caring toward her students. I leave class each time feeling as if I got just what I needed - what could be better?

Nicole, -  Yoga Student

I started Jamie's prenatal yoga class at 11 weeks into my pregnancy until nearly the end of my third trimester. I was hesitant to start yoga again due to previous knee injuries from running. My fears were wiped out on the first day! Jamie made me feel so comfortable and taught me modified poses to accommodate my knees. I highly recommend this class to all pregnant ladies. Jamie is truly passionate about yoga. She understands all the changes us pregnant women go through, both physical and emotional, and incorporates how to deal with these changes (whether it be yoga poses or simply chatting with each other) in her classes. I also had the pleasure of taking classes taught by Jamie's substitute while she was out. Jenny was also an amazing prenatal yoga instructor. Ma Yoga definitely has the best yoga teachers. If you're looking to unwind, prepare for labor, or seeking a community of other soon-to-be mamas, this is the class for you.

Cindy Ngo, -  Prenatal Student

I am absolutely loving Jamie's prenatal classes! I started taking her yoga classes when I was about 8 weeks into my pregnancy. There was even another gal there that was earlier in her pregnancy than me! So, regardless of what stage of your pregnancy you are in, this is the yoga class for you! Jamie is so knowledgeable and very hands-on. The classes are very small and intimate which allows you to really get to know yourself, your body, Jamie, and the other expectant mothers you are taking classes with. Jamie focuses on poses that will help strengthen your muscles and that will help once you have to deliver your little one. I am planning to continue with Jamie throughout the duration of my pregnancy! New and continuing yoga practitioners welcome! I highly recommend her classes for prenatal yoga!

Veronica, -  Prenatal Student

Jamie's prenatal yoga class was EXACTLY what I was looking for! A nurturing and supportive environment with a professional who's also a mom and yogi, and understands the various changes my body is going through. I look forward to her class and being able to talk to other expecting moms about our physical and emotional changes as we go through this beautiful journey together.

Prenatal Student - Awakened Life Membership

Prenatal yoga with Jamie is an amazing experience! I look forward to it each week and love the community of mamas that Jamie brings together. Everyone is very welcoming and it is joy to get to know all the ladies in the class! Jamie is an incredible teacher, with so much calm and helpful advice...wonderful all around!

Tasha, -  Prenatal Student

I took the prenatal yoga class with Jamie and she was great! She is well versed as an instructor, and recently had a baby, so she is aware of the different stages of pregnancy and moves that are appropriate physically. She always makes you feel comfortable from the start, and will help you with achieving poses by adding modification blocks or blankets. I would definitely recommend it to those mamas-to-be or even postpartum!

Sara, -  Prenatal Student

Obtaining and expanding my certification for teaching yoga to those in recovery through Bridge Yoga Programs was so inspiring for me as someone who is just beginning to teach yoga. Not only did I feel very well equipped to teach after completing the training, I also feel that I walked away integrating the heart and soul of why this training is offered; to be a conduit of healing and transformation for those who are ready and willing to practice these tools that work so well. The training was both practical, inspirational and so well-rounded in learning the nuances of this offering.

Graduate - Teaching Yoga to Those in Recovery, 2018

After completing 200 hours of YTT with a trauma informed lens, this was the perfect compliment training session. I feel confident enough to carry the tools to learn from this training into a recovery home in hopes of encouraging the students/patients there to apply those tools into their lives.

Sarah - Teaching Yoga to Those in Recovery, 2018

This course is amazingly thorough. It was fun, creative and awakening. The leaders/guides are very enthusiastic and aware of all of the elements of this type of offering. It will teach you how to serve the people and planet in the quintessential modality; the wonderful field of teaching yoga to those in recovery. Come learn how to share your gifts!

Mekena -  Teaching Yoga to Those in Recovery, 2018

I am so excited to share what an AMAZING yoga instructor Jamie Hanson is.  I have been practicing yoga for 20 years and have completed my 200 yoga teacher training.  I consider myself a seasoned yogi, but Jamie's classes have changed my life and my practice.   During the past 6 months I have had the privilege to practice weekly with Jamie.  Jamie is very knowledgeable about body anatomy and her verbal cues have helped me identify the muscles I needed to activate and strengthen rather than stretch more.  I have had some recent challenges with my core, hip and knee areas and following Jamie's cues has literally changed my body.  Her meditations and guided talks that she includes in her classes, always leave me feeling calmer and more informed about my daily choices. Her focus on self care and building resilience through awareness of my daily practices, has helped me navigate this social isolation time during the pandemic.  Her programs and classes are so well planned and easy to access.  I am committed to continue practicing with Jamie virtually and am looking forward to participating in her many other offerings available on her website.

Cindy -  Yoga Student

I love practicing with Jamie because she inspires me and challenges me to be a more compassionate and connected human being. Jamie is one of those rare and talented teachers who can lead with technical precision and deep feeling at the same time. She encourages her students to be in their bodies and really listen to their bodies during practice, versus insisting they do everything one way. We all have different experiences and traumas stored in our bodies and Jamie is very aware that each student is coming to their mat with their own story. During an asana practice with Jamie, she will skillfully lead her students to tap into their deepest feelings and create a safe space in which they can sit with those feelings and not run away from them or numb them with distractions. If you view doing yoga as a way to disconnect from the problems of your life, then Jamie is probably not the right teacher for you. If you are interested in becoming more connected and self aware by going through the hard stuff to find your center, then Jamie is the perfect teacher for you. Jamie teaches about many elements of the yogic journey that require real work, self reflection, and discomfort. These things are all so worth going through because with them comes deeper understanding, connection and love, and it is my opinion that Jamie is the best teacher to have guiding you on your journey. The many benefits that I have experienced from my years practicing with Jamie have helped me in every aspect of my life and I am eternally grateful to have Jamie as a mentor and a friend.

Emmalyn -  EYTT™ Grad and Yoga Student

Jamie’s classes are inclusive, thoughtful and rooted in the philosophy of yoga and Ayurveda. Her sequences are intuitive and accessible for all bodies. Jamie takes a no judgment approach to yoga and truly teaches in a way that makes everyone feel welcome. I come to Jamie’s classes to reconnect with myself in the body, heart and mind. Thank you for the gifts you share with us!

Lauren -  Yoga Student

Learning yoga from Jamie is truly a gift. She ignited a fire within my practice that I always knew was there, but was never really able to tap into. Jamie’s gentle cues help me feel confident in the technicalities of the poses, and her insights always bring me closer to my most inner self.