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Self-distancing but staying connected


You can join me LIVE on your mat from anywhere through your screen. It may not be the same as being together in the studio, but is allows so many more of us to practice together. It's an exciting new way to practice with me from home!!

It will be a time for us to be in community, to breathe, to move, to pray...together. 

I have created a sliding scale of $5-$15 for you to join me for a drop-in class. If you wish to have access to all live virtual classes and the full access to the recordings you can become a member of the Awakened Life Membership Community, which also has an on demand library of over 60 practices. Join here.


Hear what some have to say about my classes:

"Jamie Hanson is one of the most attuned yoga teachers I have practiced with. She creates a safe space for all bodies and all abilities to find their breath and connect with their bodies. I personally love the intentional way she designs her classes for a deeper connection to all of the layers of the body. Her classes have taken me on a journey toward wholeness that I have not experienced with any other instructor. Her Slow Flow Vinyasa classes are my personal favorite and I always leave my mat stronger and more at ease than when I started. I highly recommend any class offering with Jamie."  --Melissa, Yoga Student
"I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and Jamie is hands-down my favorite instructor.  Her classes are physically challenging, but more importantly Jamie facilitates genuine connection with your own heart and soul and with the community at large.  Jamie doesn't just teach physical movement she inspires change in your daily life off the mat. Her classes integrate yogic philosophy with movement to allow union of the mind, body and soul. Jamie is warm and caring toward her students. I leave class each time feeling as if I got just what I needed - what could be better?"--Nicole, Yoga Student
"I am so excited to share what an AMAZING yoga instructor Jamie Hanson is.  I have been practicing yoga for 20 years and have completed my 200 yoga teacher training.  I consider myself a seasoned yogi, but Jamie's classes have changed my life and my practice.   During the past 6 months I have had the privilege to practice weekly with Jamie.  Jamie is very knowledgeable about body anatomy and her verbal cues have helped me identify the muscles I needed to activate and strengthen rather than stretch more.  I have had some recent challenges with my core, hip and knee areas and following Jamie's cues has literally changed my body.  Her meditations and guided talks that she includes in her classes, always leave me feeling calmer and more informed about my daily choices.
Her focus on self care and building resilience through awareness of my daily practices, has helped me navigate this social isolation time during the pandemic.  Her programs and classes are so well planned and easy to access.  I am committed to continue practicing with Jamie virtually and am looking forward to participating in her many other offerings available on her website." --Cindy Vollmer, Yoga Student
"I love practicing with Jamie because she inspires me and challenges me to be a more compassionate and connected human being. Jamie is one of those rare and talented teachers who can lead with technical precision and deep feeling at the same time. She encourages her students to be in their bodies and really listen to their bodies during practice, versus insisting they do everything one way. We all have different experiences and traumas stored in our bodies and Jamie is very aware that each student is coming to their mat with their own story. During an asana practice with Jamie, she will skillfully lead her students to tap into their deepest feelings and create a safe space in which they can sit with those feelings and not run away from them or numb them with distractions. If you view doing yoga as a way to disconnect from the problems of your life, then Jamie is probably not the right teacher for you. If you are interested in becoming more connected and self aware by going through the hard stuff to find your center, then Jamie is the perfect teacher for you. Jamie teaches about many elements of the yogic journey that require real work, self reflection, and discomfort. These things are all so worth going through because with them comes deeper understanding, connection and love, and it is my opinion that Jamie is the best teacher to have guiding you on your journey. The many benefits that I have experienced from my years practicing with Jamie have helped me in every aspect of my life and I am eternally grateful to have Jamie as a mentor and a friend." - Emmalyn Tringali, EYTT Graduate 2016 and Virtual Yoga Student
"Jamie’s classes are inclusive, thoughtful and rooted in the philosophy of yoga and Ayurveda. Her sequences are intuitive and accessible for all bodies. Jamie takes a no judgment approach to yoga and truly teaches in a way that makes everyone feel welcome. I come to Jamie’s classes to reconnect with myself in the body, heart and mind. Thank you for the gifts you share with us!" --Lauren, Yoga Student
“Learning yoga from Jamie is truly a gift. She ignited a fire within my practice that I always knew was there, but was never really able to tap into. Jamie’s gentle cues help me feel confident in the technicalities of the poses, and her insights always bring me closer to my most inner self.” -Krista, Yoga Student 
"When Jamie leads a Yoga flow, I know that space is being held for me. A space for me to feel and be, just the way that I need to, on that day, in that moment. I am confident that I am safe with Jamie’s smart sequences, as well as empowered with her generous cues. Beyond all of that, I feel a connection to my body, breath, mind and spirit through her compassionate themes.

Jamie offers Yoga flows that are rhythmically paced, connecting breath-to-movement. They can be powerful or nurturing, energizing or relaxing, depending on the class. Either way, I am always left feeling peaceful and strong.

Beyond Jamie’s Yoga flows, her mentorship has guided me to obtain tremendous empowerment throughout my entire life. Jamie has inspired me to create safe and empathetic boundaries for myself, allowing me to be more present and able for myself, my loved ones, and my passions. She has helped me gain the confidence to believe in my goals and achieve above and beyond.

As a leader of social justice and trauma-informed Yoga, Jamie has earned my highest respect. I am so grateful for what she has offered my life, as well as the greater community."--Katsina, Yoga Student


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