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Return to You

Finding Joy Through the Chakras


In these uncertain times you may be feeling a little uprooted. There are many changes happening everyday and this may be deeply impacting your whole body, especially the energetic body, where the Chakras are located. 

You may have made the difficult decision to adhere to the suggestion of social distancing and therefore are not going to the studio or gym to practice on your mat. This is why I am offering this course right now. To support you in this time of instability. 

As a participant in Return to You: Finding Joy Through the Chakras my hope is that you will find some support in this moment. Find out how your emotions, past experiences and traumas, social location, and current circumstances may be impacting your body's response in this moment and how you might be able to feel empowered to make the shifts necessary to navigate this moment with more ease, clarity and perhaps even find joy within the chaos. 

In this self-paced, virtual course you will be guided through a deep process of healing through this ancient map of the energetic body. 

Each lesson will contain content focusing on one of the 7 chakras:

  • Short instructional video
  • Chakra themed asana practice
  • Chakra meditation
  • Journal prompts

BONUS: A full 75 minute asana practice guiding you through all 7 chakras and a chakra clearing meditation. 

If you are feeling called to join me in this empowering practice of learning more about the energetic body and how our lived experiences and emotions impact it. Ready to let go of the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. Ready to release what is stuck in your body, heart and mind so that you can create a life more resilient, a body and mind that can better adapt to this moment then join me for this journey into the depths of you!

Finding Joy Through the Chakras



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