On and off the mat!!

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Deepen Your Practice Bundle

Take your yoga beyond the mat!!

On and off the mat!!

What you will get access to: 

  • Finding Joy Through the Chakras ($249 value)--6 Month Access
    • This virtual course includes 7 lessons that invite you to investigate how your emotions, past experiences and traumas, social location, and current circumstances may be impacting your body's response in this moment and how you might be able to feel empowered to make the shifts necessary to navigate this moment with more ease, clarity and perhaps even find joy within the chaos. In this self-paced, virtual course you will be guided through a deep process of healing through this ancient map of the energetic body. 
    • This course includes short video lessons, an asana practice and a guided meditation for each of the 7 chakras
  • Beyond Asana ($299 value)--6 Month Access
    • This was designed to be a 10-week virtual course will give you the opportunity to deepen your yoga practice off the mat. It is entirely self-paced so you can take as much time to complete it as necessary.
    • Yoga is about making the unconscious, conscious. It is a system to remove the obstacles that might be standing in our way of liberation. 
  • 6 Month Awakened Life Membership ($300 value)
  • BONUS: Awakened Life Mini-Course




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