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Monthly Membership

This monthly membership will give you access to LIVE virtual asana practices led by Jamie and the FULL library of recordings from the live classes for you to enjoy anytime you choose. 

All classes are trauma-informed and focus on building resilience in the entire body. 

Jamie (E-RYT 500®, YACEP®, E-RPYT®) has over a decade of teaching experience. She has been training and mentoring teachers since 2014. Her style is raw and authentic. She invites practitioners to go beyond the asana and into the deeper layers of the 8 limbed path. Her background in psychology, social services, anti-racism and social justice work as well as work and studies in trauma-informed yoga inform the way that she teaches.

Jamie’s classes are led with a trauma-informed lens and focus on safety and alignment, but also invite people to explore and sit with the sensations that arise as they move with their breath. She believes in an integrative practice that includes the mind, heart and the body, ultimately giving students a way to connect more deeply to their soul’s purpose. Students leave her class feeling strong, invigorated, and restored. All of this makes her classes both nurturing and challenging. 

In addition to the LIVE virtual classes and recordings there are also many different previously recorded practices that will be available for you to access including:

  • Vinyasa and Slow Flow 
  • Gentle yoga
  • Therapeutice yoga
  • Yoga for Moms (prenatal, postnatal and motherhood)
  • Guided Meditations

But that's not all!

In addition to our asana practice library and LIVE virtual classes you also get access to:

  • Monthly themed content curated for you to support your body, heart and mind. 
  • Monthly community care/group coaching calls via zoom
  • Quarterly virtual workshops
  • Private membership forum to connect and share with one another
  • Exclusive discounts and VIP bonuses to in person and virtual courses, trainings, retreats, workshops, etc. 

**Cancel anytime. No long-term commitment necessary. 

Justice Pricing Options:

In the past I have offered scholarships, but as I have grown and evolved I have decided to utilize the justice pricing instead, also known as equity pricing. This means that the prices are on a sliding scale and each participant chooses how much they can afford to pay. It is interconnection in action. The community rate is a discounted rate, the sustainer rate is the regular price for the program and the supporter rate helps pay for you and supports our community rate. After careful consideration, I invite you to locate yourself and choose a price point that honestly works best for your budget. Learn more about justice pricing here


Community Rate
Discounted Rate



Monthly Sustainer Rate
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Supporter Rate
Pays for you and supports our community rate



If you have any questions, please contact us.

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