Plant the seed


Plant the seed

Mar 29, 2021


Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash 


We can learn so much from plants. 

Growth takes time. It first requires a seed. 

Some plants grow faster than others. Some require more care. Seasons matter, climate matters, the environment matters. And even in the harshest environments plants still grow. 

Human beings are no different. 

Some seasons of life we have more capacity to grow and evolve. Some seasons we need more nourishment.

We are living in a very harsh environment right now. The intensity of this moment is inescapable. Creating a container for seeds of change to grow is mandatory for our survival.

But, survival is the minimum. What we are really seeking is to thrive. To live vibrant, full lives.

It's possible. But we cannot do it without help, without nourishment, without a container that supports our growth. 

The small choices you make today are planting seeds. Your daily rituals and habits are here to create a container that will be better equipped to support your growth. You won't see the growth overnight. The flower doesn't bloom the same day you plant the seed. It takes the right container, fertile soil and consistent nourishment. 

Let go of perfection. 

Let go of the need to get everything right, the first time. 

Let go of instant gratification. 

Simply choose the next right action. Plant the seed. Nourish it every day. 

Start there.

Be patient. 


If you are looking for a collective space to plant the right seeds to build your body's capacity to cope with the intensity of this moment we are living through come join us for the Align & Awaken™ Spring Reset. It is an invitation to turn down the noise. To hit the reset button and shed what is keeping you stuck. It's the next right action.

We begin our collective work together on April 21. Join us here

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