Nov 4, 2019

I'm ready. Are you?


something new

your pain made you do that
my pain made me do this
your pain made you hate
my pain made me judge

we get better and better at fighting (each other)
we get better and better at hiding (our feelings)

tell me something
if the old saying is true
hurt people hurt people
what do
healed people do?
I can’t be sure

I bet
they heal people

I’m ready

--Cleo Wade, Where to Begin


As I look around I see so much fear. So much hate. So much separation. 

And I get angry. I get judgmental. I get on my soapbox. I get overwhelmed. 

All this ultimately leads to a shutdown (or breakdown).

There is another way. We can live in a different kind of world. A world where we care for one another...not just when there is a natural disaster, but every day. Because we see our common humanity. 

Can we choose another way? Can we commit to heal ourselves? Can we disrupt the patterns of hurt caused by our lived experiences and traumas? Can we disrupt the outdated beliefs and ways of thinking passed down through anscestral and collective trauma? 

Choosing another way looks like each individual do the necessary work to heal. 

I’m ready. Are you?

Healing HAS to be a holistic process. Rather than simply treating the symptoms we have to get to the root of the pain. Otherwise it will keep rearing its head.

When we experience chronic pain or illness in the physical body what does healing look like? 

We may go to physical therapy and strengthen and stretch the muscles. We take medication to dull the physical pain. But, do we address the deeper layers of the body? Our physiology? Our energetic body?  

When we experience pain in the mental/emotional body what does healing look like?

We may go to a therapist and participate in cognitive/behavioral therapy. But do we address how trauma lives in the physical body and the impact it has on our brain and physiology?

Yoga gives us the tools to remove the obstacles that block our capacity to experience joy. It is the path of liberation. It invites us to know ourselves better, to really understand the qualities as they arise. To pay attention to our behavioral patterns and notice when we are out of alignment with our core values. 

In that noticing we can get curious about why we are not in integrity in that moment. Perhaps we begin by noticing our daily habits.  Are we getting enough sleep? How are we nourishing the body (all layers)? Are we drinking enough water? Are we giving our digestive system enough time to do its job optimally? 

This may invite us to find a deeper sense of clarity and investigate the energetic body. The Chakras are an in-depth path to healing. This roadmap into the subtle body can help us understand our own behavior

All of this empowers us to that we experience less suffering. Yoga offers us the resources to look at our shadow (those parts of us that are unconscious), to investigate the ways in which our lived experiences have impacted us and clouded the lens by which we see the world. 

Why? Because what we don’t transform we transmit. Because when we take the steps necessary to heal ourselves, we heal the world. 

Our work begins within. And the world needs you.

I’m ready. Are you?

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