How are you resourcing in this moment?


How are you resourcing in this moment?

Mar 31, 2020


This is surreal. All of it. 

Living through a global pandemic is overwhelming to the nervous system in so many ways. The fight, flight, freeze, fold response is definitely locked in the on position for many of us. The amount of time we are being required to sit in front of the computer is perhaps more than usual (anyone else exhausted from Zoom calls?). Many of us are trying to manage working at home and caring for our children all at the same time and the overstimulation is REAL. 

I am both overwhelmed and I feel a sense of deep gratitude and empowerment. Grateful for the ways in which I have learned to resource and build resiliency over the past decade. Through daily habits and practices that are non-negotiable for me. When I sense I am out of alignment due to any number of red flags (impatience, annoyance, irritability, exhaustion, rage, lethargy) I know what to do. Because I have experimented with what it is that brings me back to my center. I know what works...for me. 

I have rebelled for sure because this is unknown territory. I have found myself steering away from routine. Not going to sleep as early as I usually do because the mornings are not rushed. Allowing myself to watch just one more episode of Homeland. Spending way too much time in front of a screen (because Zoom...and honestly I have found myself sucked into FB WAY more than usual). None of this is necessarily bad. I just know that when I am not well rested I do not show up as my best self. And I need all the help I can get right now. 

Learning how to take care of myself began with a mindset shift, that I am worthy of self-care. Like deep, nourishing, self-care. I now choose ME as my #1 priority and this took a lot of unlearning because of the conditioning that the greatest compliment I could ever get was that I am selfless, that I always put others before myself. This is what I strived for. To lose my Self in the service of everyone else. And in the words of one of my favorite authors, “this is bullshit!”. (If you are not already reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle get it now!! I read this book with my whole body...I felt every word.)

There are so many tips available to stay grounded, to relieve anxiety, to find peace and ease in this time of great upheaval. If you are feeling tired know that this is normal. This is the trauma response. Your body is sending out alarm bells to slow down, rest, reset and restore your physiology. 

Some of my nourishing non-negotiables right now are:

  • Sleep 
  • Movement
  • Get outside
  • Limit screen time
  • Read
  • Self-massage (this is everything right now)
  • Hydrate
  • Snuggle with Luisa
  • Hug my husband

How are you resourcing yourself in these times? Take some time to consider this. Get honest. Get clear. Choose nourishment. Choose to align with what you value most. Each choice you make is casting a vote for who you want to become. 

Take a moment to write down your list of non-negotiables. Those things that you know are anchors or resources for you. Those things that bring you back to your center. Even those things that bring you joy. Then choose to make these truly non-negotiable. 


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