Jun 19, 2019

Habits to support your evolution


Daily habits. We all have them.

The big question is whether or not your daily habits support who you want to be or if they are keeping you stuck. Do they support your growth? Or do they keep you stagnant...or worse yet are they destructive?

Ayurveda suggests that we each follow a dinacharya, or daily routine that aligns the body with nature’s rhythms. According to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, this dinacharya will keep you healthy. It can reverse the aging process, relieve chronic pain, reduce the possibility of disease, support optimal body weight and simply keep your body functioning as it is meant to. As a gift to you I've created a FREE Simple Habits Guide here.

Unfortunately, choosing these habits is counter-culture. And that is why so many of us are out of sync. Auto-immune, hormone imbalances, anxiety, depression, and heart disease are just a few examples of this. Being out of sync with the body’s natural rhythms is impacting our ability to live a life that feels whole and on purpose.

As a Yoga Health Coach, I have the opportunity to chat with women about how they are feeling and what they are looking to shift in their lives. Some of the words that I hear from the women I talk to everyday are:

Run-down. Disconnected. Frustrated. Resentful. In Crisis mode. Stretched thin. Overwhelmed.

Trapped. Lonely. Stuck. Reactive. Unfulfilled. Unsatisfied. Lack of next course of action.

Sound familiar? It does to me. This was my default way of seeing the world. I really didn’t know any different. I thought this was just how things were. And life felt like a struggle. Honestly I think I was addicted to stress. Without it I felt like something must be wrong with me.

The yoga practice helped. A lot.

But, it wasn’t until I started to take a deeper dive into Ayurveda that things really shifted for me. I had dabbled in Ayurveda for many years. But, I hadn’t really implemented many of the teachings.

I think when I first started studying Ayurveda it felt really complicated to me. And one way I tend to self-sabotage is through perfectionism and the idea of all or nothing. If I can’t do it all...and perfectly, why even try?

Then I started to study habit change science and learned that making small, incremental changes everyday will lead to more sustainable behavior change. And my brain likes science so I started to try letting go of perfectionism and just make really small shifts.

I’ve slowly added a dinacharya that consists of many of the recommendations from Ayurveda including:

  • Tongue Scraping
  • Self-massage (with oil)
  • Neti pot
  • Earlier, lighter dinners
  • Eat more plants
  • Bed by 10pm
  • Waking before the sun
  • Drinking hot water with lemon first thing in the morning
  • Spacing my meals and not snacking when I am not hungry

Automating these habits has allowed me to be more grounded and rooted in my own body and my own power. They’ve allowed me to SEE how simple it can be to get the kind of rest and nourishment that my body needs in this current phase of life.

And now the words that come to mind when I describe myself most days are so different than they once were:

Content. Calm. Peaceful. Confident. Present. Joyful. Unhurried. Connected.

Grounded. Grateful. Satisfied. Fulfilled. Brighter. Softer. Relaxed. On purpose.

A dinacharya has created stability at a time when things feel very unstable (in my personal life and in the collective). When there is no stability we cannot grow in our relationships, our work, our dharma. Because I’ve simplified my day to day through these daily habits/rituals I have grown so much and I can focus on my other bigger ambitions.

Feeling rested and having more energy is amazing.  But, my why is so much bigger than that. I believe that we were all put here to do something big. And I also believe that in order to connect to our dharma (life’s purpose or responsibility) we need to be well. Our body needs to have the ability to find rejuvenation and restoration. Our body needs to be nourished and well rested.

I will leave you with this:

“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their future” --F.M. Alexander

So what is your bigger why? Who do you want to be? How do you want to feel? How will you impact the world?

Do your current habits support this?

Grab your FREE Simple Habits Guide here and watch the shifts happen!!

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