Channel your rage into action


Channel your rage into action

Oct 7, 2020


I’m not going to lie. I have been experiencing levels of rage this week that feels like it’s going to make me explode. I’m grateful for my practice, which gives me the tools to sit with the rage, see it for what it is, and move it through. 

The other night I was really pissed off. Dramatically stomping around the house, snapped at my husband and told him I was losing it, that I needed him to step up in that moment. This was actually growth for me. Not the snapping and stomping, but naming that I was about to lose it and asking for support. 

Then I laid down and opened my current read, Sharon Salzberg’s newest book Real Change: Mindfulness to Heal Ourselves and the World. It was no coincidence. The first sentence stated:

“How do we move beyond the fire of anger and resentment?” 

I invite you to sit with that question for a minute. Take a breath. Be with it. 

The book went on to explain that anger is a way that we try to feel as if we have some power and control when we feel a sense of helplessness, which is an unbearable feeling. 

Both yoga and meditation can be a tool to manage our big emotions, but they can also become a way to bypass them. Toxic positivity is one form of spiritual bypass. Things like ‘high vibes only’ and ‘only love and light’. This causes us to suppress and push down our very normal response to what is happening right now in our nation. That response for many of us is anger and rage.

Asana and pranayama help us release the physical, emotional and psychological tension. All of our thoughts, emotions, lived experiences live in the body at the cellular level. We must move it through and the breath is critical, especially in times like this one, of great challenge and conflict. Both help bring the nervous system back into harmony so that we can stay grounded and connected and not allow our anger and rage take over. 

I'd love to invite you to come to your mat with me as a member of the Awakened Life Membership community hereWe engage in a practice together that invites us into a place of growth, resourced growth. It's a place to be together, move together, breathe together, pray together. 

I’ll leave you with one last quote from the book Real Change:

“In an interview for the Harvard Divining School’s newsletter, Buddhist teacher Lama Rod Owens said, ‘Anger is always the bodyguard of our woundedness. There’s the trauma, there’s the anger, there’s the rage, but healing is about moving through that. Not distancing, not distracting, but moving through it to that really fundamental sadness and hurt that’s beneath the anger.’

If we learn to not get so lost in anger but rather to mine its energy, we begin to act less out of a desperate need to assume control. We are able to act out of a determined, courageous marshaling of our resources to try to make a difference.”

So, feel it. Move it. And channel it into action. 

Ways to take action right now:

  • VOTE!!
  • Are you registered? Check here.
  • Create a voting plan. When, where, how will you be voting.
  • Schedule time to do the necessary research and learn about who and what is on the ballot so that you feel confident voting down the ballot. Every single vote matters and every single proposition and office impacts each of us. 
  • Bring your friends along. Call. Text. Email. Ask them if they have voted. Ask them if they need help voting. 

If you are a resident of CA join me next week for a Ballot Party on Tuesday, October 13 at 5:30pm PST. Contact me here to get all the deets. 

Photo Credit: Kari Sullivan


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