Jan 27, 2020

Accept the things I cannot change



God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdome to know the difference.

I love this prayer. It is a gentle reminder that I need on the regular. 

Accept the things I cannot change. 


Change the things I cannot accept. 

The discernment (known as viveka in yoga philosophy) we gain from the path of yoga invites us to have the wisdom to know the difference. The clarity to see where we might be stuck, where we are afraid, where we are simply lazy even. 

This discernment invites us to see when we are attached to a victim mindset rather than a growth mindset. Where we might be giving up our power. 

It asks us to have the courage to no longer be silent when faced with injustice and oppression. This is important for both the collective wellbeing and for our own health and wellbeing because I know that when I am silent about the things that matter to me I get sick. And when I am stuck in a place of frustration over the things that I cannot change I get sick. 

Of course, there are things that we cannot change. And stewing in resentment and frustration robs us of joy. This is a fact. A fact that I know well and I am sure that I am far from alone. 

So, what can we do?

One thing that you CAN do is create a container of order in your life so that the chaos in the environment around you doesn’t sabotage your capacity to be well. We are living in a culture of chaos. Just turn on the news...or don’t. That IS one thing you can control, the amount of information and stimulation you are taking into your senses.  

But, I actually would like to recommend that rather than ignore or bypass the chaos that we find a way to manage it. We cannot change what we cannot see. And when we can manage that chaos with a container of order we are better equipped to change the things we cannot accept without completely depleting ourselves of energy and joy. 

I believe that this starts with our daily habits. In Ayurveda they teach the importance of a dinacharya, daily habits that align our bodies to the rhythms of nature. Because when we are living out of rhythm it is like swimming against the current and we become overwhelmed and exhausted. When we are overwhelmed and exhausted we may not have the capacity to show up for the planet in the way that we are needed. And make no mistake, we are all needed right now. We need to show up. We need to speak up. We need to take care of one another in bigger ways. But, without a container of order, without steady, stable energy it is really hard to do that because we are just trying to survive the day to day chaos. 

Check out this Simple Habits Guide if you want to learn a little bit more about dinacharya. Begin to add them in slowly and witness what shifts for you. 

These daily habits enable more freedom. Freedom to unlock our true potential. Freedom to have the space, time and energy to align to our dharma (our duty or purpose). And this is unique for each individual being. But, when we are living in overwhelm it’s impossible to fully align to that purpose.

These daily habits invite resilience. These daily habits invite adaptability. These daily habits invite ease. 

All of this will set up the container to better discern what can be changed and what we must accept or surrender to in the moment. Because they allow us to be clear rather than frazzled. To live a life on purpose rather than a life that is reacting to the chaos in the environment.

And so what can you no longer accept? Are you ready to take the next action steps to create change? If so, let's hop on a call and have a chat about where you are stuck and what it is you really want from this life. And then set up the container, or the structure so that you can make a bigger impact and change what you can no longer accept. 

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