A time to recalibrate


A time to recalibrate

Feb 9, 2021


Photo by Brendan Beale on Unsplash

On January 20 eighty million U.S. Americans (and likely many more humans across the globe) took a collective exhale when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were inaugurated without incident. And even more so when they got right to work within hours to begin to repair the damage of the last four years. 

The repair will take a very long time and accountability will be mandatory for true healing to occur. 

In no way do I think that this administration is a savior and that all will be right because they are now leading the country. There is still immense work to be done to create the kind of world where all people feel that they belong, resources are allocated with more equity, and everyone is cared for.  

But, what did change is that there is more competence, more transparency, much more humility and the most diverse cabinet in the history of our nation. 

I was listening to NPR yesterday and they were airing the COVID press conference. Doctors who have dedicated their careers to studying infectious disease spoke with confidence and transparency. One doctor who spoke even acknowledged the deep suffering so many are experiencing because of enormous loss of life over the past 10 months. There was truth, compassion, and competence. 

How refreshing after 4+ years of chaos, inexperience, and volatility. I would imagine that even for those who supported the last administration there is a bit of relief. Especially those who claim to care about human rights because the cognitive gymnastics that must have been necessary to justify so many of the policies, cabinet picks and actions must have been exhausting. Cognitive dissonance can leave our systems feeling completely overwhelmed. 

This change may be offering each of us the space to recalibrate our nervous system and find our way back into our parasympathetic response. Find our way back to our center. 

With all of the resources that I have available to me (both internal and external) I still felt very dysregulated over the past 4 years. Some of that feels like it is starting to settle and that leaves me with a lot more space and time to take care of myself because I don’t feel like there are fires to put out every single day. 

If you are resonating with me on this I hope that you, too, can recalibrate. Reset. 

Remind yourself who you are. What your values are. What matters to you most. 

Visualize the world that you want to live in. The way you want to feel. 

Then take the next right action to build deeper resilience in your body. The whole body. 

Take a breath. Feel it in your body. 

Your body already knows what it needs. 

Trust it. Exhale. 


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